Monday, 5 March 2018

Look at hte week March 5- March 9

Quiz on area Wednesday March 7

We are looking at metric measurement this week. We will be focusing on decimeters and mm, as well as looking at the relationships between these two measurements.

We will be starting our poetry unit by playing poetry swap. This will help the class realize that poetry isn't just about rhyming words.

Looking ahead after March break, we will be focusing on 3D shapes, and measurement involving mass and volume.

I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing March break.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Math quiz on perimeter- Wednesday February 21

We will be having a short math assessment on perimeter. Below are some practice questions to help students study. Here is an example of a correct answer.

Image result for perimeter of a shape

P= 8 + 5 + 8 +5
P= 26 cm

Image result for perimeter of a shape

Image result for perimeter of a shape

The total perimeter of the shape below is 37 cm. What is the length of the missing side?
Image result for perimeter of a shape

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

A Look at Feb. 5-9

We are have a busy week ahead of us as we prepare for the 2018 Olympics, and the Lenten season. 

A look into our class....
Each table of students has picked a country to research and track medals for during the Olympics. Starting tomorrow they will be creating posters that will be displayed around the room. Tomorrow(Feb. 7) will be Bring your own device (If you can) to help make research a bit easier.

As we make our way through the Olympic games there will be a number of Olympic themed Language and Math activities we will be doing in class. Be sure to ask your child about what's happening!

Ash Wednesday-February 14
Our class is hosting the Ash Wednesday Liturgy at St. Gab's. We invite parents to attend. More information will be posted later in the week. 

Around the School... 

We will be hosting “We Love Nature Day” Friday, February 9th. There will be a theme day, a bake sale/raffle (with proceeds going to the Canadian Wildlife Federation, our Social Justice/Deep Learning initiative), and a Green Squad recycled bookmark and “Kind-o-gram” Sale 
Kind-o-grams– Junior students can purchase a small card (designed by Green Squad members) which will be delivered to a friend who has been kind, thoughtful, caring or loyal. Cards are anonymous. All cards will be delivered to the homeroom teacher on Valentine’s Day to be distributed. 50 cents a card
Junior teachers will receive a complementary class set of Kind-o-grams as well to ensure everyone is included in the fun.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Chris Nihmey Books

Our class enjoyed a very captivating presentation today by Chris Nihmey, a local author and mental health advocate. The presentation focused on:
  • creating a new perspective when it comes to reading and writing
  • demonstrating the strong connection between reading and writing
  • the writing process – sharing our own story
  • an author’s point of view
  • the power of the written word – the importance of “why” and “what” we write
  • how writing and reading change our world
Many of our students are interested in reading Chris's book 'Sally'. I have provided a link to the book on

I do urge you to read the book before, or with your child. There are likely to be many questions that arise. Below is a blurb about the book as well as the link to Chris's website and the book on indigo.

"With its beautiful full-paged coloured illustrations, by Mario Jamora, Sally (Chipmunka Publishing, UK, 2015), is the heartwarming story of the unexpected friendship between a teenaged boy and a homeless woman showing the extreme necessity of compassion and acceptance for one another, especially in times of suffering or isolation. We are never truly alone. This is a story that demonstrates the strong connection between mental illness and homelessness. Sally was written for youth to adult in 2005 during my difficult battles with mental illness. It is a story for any age.
Sally carries a deep and profound message. I was convinced that the primary message was "reach out and help someone who is suffering and alone". Once I completed the story, I realized their was another hidden message. It is this: Give and you shall receive. Jesus shared this message with us 2000 years ago. Although Tom changes Sally's life forever by giving of himself, something even more magical happens. He realizes that his life has changed just as much, because of his acts of kindness. It is a powerful message of reciprocity. That's how love works. If only we all recognized it. "
Disclaimer: Tom is an 18-year-old student. He is an adult, and is therefore old enough to approach someone who lives on the street. If you are under 18, do not approach anyone without adult accompaniment.

Sally-Chris Nihmey (Indigo)

Author Website

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

A look at Jan. 22-Jan 26

We are continuing on with our data management and graphing unit. On Monday the class learned a new way to display their data-stem and leaf plots. They worked in groups to create stem and leaf plots, and calculate the mode, range, and median of the data.  We will spend the rest of the week practicing median, mode, and range

We have had our detective hats on looking for clues in the text that will help us make inferences about texts. We will also be having an in class reading assessment. There is no need to prepare for this at home.


On Friday I sent home the duotang containing our lemonade stand project. See the homework page for due dates and an explanation

Around the School
Thursday we welcome author Chris Nihmey to our school. He will be speaking to the gr. 3's and 4's during 1st block. Check out his website!

Thursday is also PJ day at St. Gab's. This is to celebrate national reading week. Students can bring in their favourite book to share with the class.

Friday is a PD day!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Homework Dec. 5-12

We have a math quiz next Tuesday.

Topics on the quiz
Telling time to the nearest minute
converting time: minutes to hours, hours to minutes, hours to days, days to hours

Homework this week is to study for the quiz.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Homework-Due December 5

For homework this week, students will be creating a elapsed time math problem based on the movie times for Coco. The movie times are posted in the hapara workspace for homework.

We will be solving these problems in class next week!